For Filmmakers

Avail Entertainment offers two options for distribution deals for filmmakers, sales agents and distributors.

Option A: Direct distribution on Avail Entertainments own OTT AVOD channel AVAIL TV on a simple 50/50 revenue share split that your film generates with quarterly reports.

Option B: A world-wide all media distribution agreement based on a per title and individual basis for distribution to other major distribution outlets worldwide. We offer a dedicated team that attends film markets around the world finding distribution partners for in outlying countries your film.

Our world-wide all media distribution agreements are filmmaker-friendly and provides transparent quarterly reporting with backups and we work with all our filmmakers together with the most innovative marketing and social media tools available for marketing to the appropriate audience for each individual title.

Please Note: All Submissions will be properly evaluated and reviewed. There is no guarantee of a film being accepted and all submissions shall be handled on a per title basis. We do not accept any porn or x-rated materials.


Please submit materials to

Please include:

• Materials list for evaluation.

• Trailer

• Secure or password protected screener

• Poster

• Synopsis

An Avail Entertainment LLC representative will reply to your email soon and we receive the materials.