Avail Entertainment, LLC is a boutique film world-wide sales agency and distributor based out of California. In addition, with its own Connected TV Channel the companies reach has expanded to a world-wide audience on major platforms. We represent all genres of films and specialize in all genre films, documentaries, TV shows, music videos, sports and live broadcasting and programming with entertaining content from all over the world.

Our mission is to provide independent filmmakers and studios home for their content. We present the content that we manage to the international markets and buyers from around the world.

Avail Entertainment, LLC services breaks down into the following three categories.

1. AVAIL TV: Our own CCTV platform AVAIL TV on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and more, driven by advertising revenue.

2. Sales and Distribution: We are a sales agency and distributor at the world-wide Film and TV markets annually to acquire and sell content..

3. Production Services: Providing independent producers the tools and resources to develop, produce, deliver and distribute, assisting them through every phase of the production.

Avail TV is a CCTV platform launched in December 2019. Through years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, the team at Avail Entertainment feels that connected TV apps are the wave of the near future for programming content. The decline of DVD sales and the boom of streaming has changed the industry tremendously in a short time period/ Simply connected is here to stay and the traditional TV home entertainment has been driven by technology leading the future of the home entertainment movie experience. We offer both a live stream and on demand sections to our channel for our viewers. Avail Entertainment continues to push the platform on new devices being manufactured. Giving our partners and clients a solid white paper with transparency on a reliable platform for their films to call home for the intended audience globally.

Traditional content sales in the marketplace continue to yield about 50 percent of a film’s revenue. Avail Entertainment attends the markets for both sales and acquisitions as new outlets are developing and launching world-wide at a fast pace. Finding these platforms and distributors in the foreign markets is essential for a film’s success. Placing films in foreign markets and with foreign buyers has been a huge success for several of the films Avail Entertainment proudly represents.

Our team at Avail Entertainment, Avail Films and Avail TV are here to serve the filmmakers and the audiences alike with entertaining content for everyone.